Dominated by the imposing mounts Torre and Fitz Roy, and surrounded by beautiful rivers, valleys, lakes and glaciers, El Chalten is the ideal place for sporting or recreational purposes, such as trekking and sightseeing.


This is one of the shortest trekkings in El Chalten.
The trail leads to a natural lookout located over the town, overlooking the mounts Adela, Torre and Fitz Roy, and the Río de las Vueltas valley. You can also continue until a second lookout, Las Aguilas, where you can see the Viedma lake.


Time: 1 hour (one way)
Difficulty: easy
Height: 100 metres


Another easy trail you can walk along in El Chalten.
This flat path bordering the Río de las Vueltas River, traverses the valley that shares its name, and goes through a small ñire forest, until you reach this beautiful 20 meter high waterfall, Chorrillo del Salto.


Time: 1 hour and a half
Difficulty: easy
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Beautiful hike from El Chalten to a viewpoint overlooking a blue water lagoon, surrounded by a native forest that is reached in less than 2 hours. From there you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Fitz Roy mount.


Time: 3 hours (round trip)
Difficulty: Moderate
Height: 380 metres
Distance: 8km


One of the most famous and recommended hikes in El Chalten. This trail leads to a natural lookout and has the most amazing views of the Fitz Roy. This is the nearest point to see the granite peaks, and surely, the most popular trek.

A lot of people arrive al dawn in order to witness the spectacular moment when the mounts turn red by the sun’s first rays.


Time: 8 to 10 hours (round trip)
Difficulty: Average
Height: 800 metres
Distance: 22km


Option 1:
From the bridge over the Blanco River* (along provincial route 41) you have to follow the trail that walks up the Blanco River, and after a 2 hours trek, you will reach Piedras Blancas lookout (it is not possible to cross the river at this point). You can walk along the trail that leads to Poincenot base camp, and come back to town.

* To reach the bridge over the Blanco River you can hire a taxi or one of the transport operators in town.


Time: 2 hours (one way)
Difficulty: easy
Height: 200 metres


Option 2:
Another option, which you need at least 5 hours, is taking the trail from El Chalten to Poincenot base camp, until you cross the Blanco River. After crossing the bridge, take the right turn towards the river. Go along this trail until the Piedras Blancas stream, and you will find the glacier less than an hour trek from Poincenot base camp.


Time: 5 hours (one way)
Difficulty: Average
Height: 360 metres


This is another classic trek in El Chalten that leads to Adela and Torre mounts. The trail gets to Torre Lagoon and its lookout, where the De Agostini base camp is located. This lookout offers one of the most capricious mountain landscapes, and the Torre mount, one of the most mythic mountains in Patagonia.


Time: 6 hours (round trip)
Difficulty: Average
Height: 250 metres from El Chalten
Distance: 19km


This is one of the most imposing lookouts of Torre mount, and its glacier, Solo mount, Adela mountain chain, Fitz Roy, Capri Lagoon and its valley, Madre, Hija and Nieta Lagoon, and the giant Viedma Lake. It’s a long trek through the Patagonian steppe, the Andean forest and a last high mountain stretch.


Time: 8 hours (round trip)
Difficulty: Average
Height: 850 metres from El Chalten
Distance: 21 km


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